Buying and then throwing away is what is currently driving our world. A pollution that is one of the results of the almighty machine of over-consumption set up by our governments and institutions. It is destroying our planet and threatening the survival of many species, those that it has not yet eliminated. Over-consumption and lack of respect for biodiversity have always been a primary driving force in my artistic approach.

I have long deplored the use of single-use plastics or the acquisition of new, time-limited goods that are thrown away when they break, instead of repairing them to preserve them.

I am accustomed to incorporating plastic materials as well as discarded objects into my work. After cleaning them, I use them in my work. I specialize mostly in animal sculpture since I have always had great respect and affection for them. This is why I am so motivated to humanize them and give them a soul through my sculptures. They are often said to look alive. With the help of my special sense of humor, I take a critical look at the shortcomings of our society.

I am a visual artist. I have been working for more than 20 years creating sculptures by assembling rejected, discarded, and obsolete objects and materials.

I have participated in many solo and group exhibitions in Montreal and elsewhere in the province. In 2014 and again in 2016 I received the “Coup de coeur” award at the Montreal Sculpture Fair.