When I was young, I really enjoyed attending flea markets with my grandmother, and up to this day, I never get tired of it because it’s just like going to Wonderland, in a world of discoveries. I even have my favorite spots! I buy all kinds of items that became obsolete with time or forgotten because of a lack of interest often due to our world changing so fast.

I draw my inspiration directly from the objects that I “rescue”. Through a slow and minutely detailed process, I question, scrutinize, and transform the material enabling a fascinating latent menagerie to arise from it. In doing so, I give back the abandoned objects their nobility and allow the characters to take shape before my eyes. Characters, human or animal figures that have their own soul, that vibrate to life, that are intriguing and who can often make people smile. All the creative energy I deploy is transposed into my works and is most of the time very theatrical.

The pathway I’m on is currently taking a turn. Today my obsession is toward non-biodegradable objects and materials that are part of our daily lives and have a significantly negative impact on our planet. I integrate them more and more in my sculptures so to demonstrate, and even denounce, our excessive overconsumption of disposable goods.

Over the past ten years I have participated in several exhibitions as solo artist, and with collectives, in Montreal and throughout the province of Quebec.

In addition to my line of work as a sculptor, I have collaborated to several Quebec plays as stage designer, bringing me back to my first love: Theater.